MOESM4 of Peak nasal inspiratory flow as outcome for provocation studies in allergen exposure chambers: a GA2LEN study

Additional file 4: Figure S1. Reduction of PNIF during exposure with birch pollen in the GA²LEN chamber. PNIF development during exposure with Betula pendula. Every challenge to birch pollen got pooled into one active group and only those runs were included where a TNSS greater than 2 points was reported on at least two symptom check cards throughout the whole challenge. A hash marks a reduction compared to baseline p < 0.001, a dagger a reduction compared to baseline p < 0.01, a double dagger a reduction compared to baseline p < 0.05. Outliers are presented as degree sign, extreme outliers as asterisk. PNIF% in the active group differed significantly (p < 0.05) from the placebo group at 60, 90 and 120 min. PNIF% is displayed as medians and boxplots.