MOESM4 of Optimization of Saccharomyces cerevisiae α-galactosidase production and application in the degradation of raffinose family oligosaccharides

Additional file 4: Fig. S2. PAGE analysis of ScAGal. (A) Purification steps in 10% SDS-PAGE: extracellular culture medium (lane 1), concentrated medium (lane 2), protein purified by affinity chromatography (lane 3); (B) Monomeric form in 8% SDS-PAGE: glycosylated and deglycosylated protein (lanes 1 and 2, respectively), deglycosylated protein purified by molecular exclusion (lane 3), freeze-dried deglycosylated protein (lane 4); (C) tetrameric form in 8% Native-PAGE: glycosylated (lane 1) and deglycosylated (lane 2) protein. MW, molecular weight marker.