MOESM4 of Multi-species annotation of transcriptome and chromatin structure in domesticated animals

Additional file 4 Reference DE genes (all combinations): the archive contains four folders, one for each species (bos_taurus, capra_hircus, gallus_gallus, sus_scrofa). Each folder contains itself two subfolders, one for each model: diffcounts.nominsum (Model 1) and diffcounts.cdvsliver (Model 2). Results of Model 1 are given in:• refgenes.counts.min2tpm0.1.normcounts.diff.readme.idx• refgenes.counts.min2tpm0.1.normcounts.diff.cd4.cd8.bed• refgenes.counts.min2tpm0.1.normcounts.diff.cd4.liver.bed• refgenes.counts.min2tpm0.1.normcounts.diff.cd8.liver.bedResults of Model 2 are given in:• All bed files contain the coordinates and id of the genes found to be differentially expressed between the two conditions. The file also contains the normalized read counts of those genes in the different samples as well as the adjusted pvalue, logFC and normLogFC (see readme.idx file for more details).