MOESM4 of Changes in triglycerides and high-density lipoprotein cholesterol may precede peripheral insulin resistance, with 2-h insulin partially mediating this unidirectional relationship: a prospective cohort study

Additional file 4: Fig. S3. The yearly-rates of change (∆) in 2-h insulin and Gutt index by quartiles of their baseline-values. General linear model was used to compare yearly change rates in 2-h insulin and Gutt index across quartiles of their baseline values, with adjustment for age, gender, smoking, alcohol consumption, regular exercise, BMI and caloric intake. Gutt index= [75,000 + (fasting glucose - 2-h glucose) × 0.19 × body weight]/(120 × log [(fasting insulin + 2-h insulin)/2] × [(fasting glucose + 2-h glucose)/2]).