MOESM3 of Tryptophan-rich domains of Plasmodium falciparum SURFIN4.2 and Plasmodium vivax PvSTP2 interact with membrane skeleton of red blood cell

Additional file 3: Figure S2. Alignment of the tryptophan-rich domains (WRDs) of Pf332, SURFIN4.2/PvSTP2, and PfEMP1. Included in analysis are Pf332 WRD amino acid positions 5568-5825, WRDs of SURFIN4.2/PvSTP2 (WRD1 959-1201; WRD2 1349-1567; WRD3 1729-1990; PvSTP2 WRD 592-825), and PfEMP1 WRDs (PFD1005c WRD 1844-2181; PFD1015c WRD 1851-2193; PFL0030c WRD 2753-3056). Asterisks (“*”) indicate identical amino acids, while colon (“:”) and period (“.”) indicate conserved and semi-conserved amino acids, respectively. The identical/similar amino acids are shown in shading.