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MOESM3 of The broad spectrum mixed-lineage kinase 3 inhibitor URMC-099 prevents acute microgliosis and cognitive decline in a mouse model of perioperative neurocognitive disorders

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posted on 29.10.2019 by Patrick Miller-Rhodes, Cuicui Kong, Gurpreet Baht, Priyanka Saminathan, Ramona Rodriguiz, William Wetsel, Harris Gelbard, Niccolò Terrando
Additional file 3: Video S2. Representative video depicting Iba1 immunoreactivity in a 1 mm thick hippocampal section cleared using CLARITY from a vehicle-treated surgery mouse. All mice were 3-month-old for this experiment. Iba1 is denoted in red; DAPI in blue (related to Figure 2).


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