MOESM3 of RNA interference machinery-mediated gene regulation in mouse adult neural stem cells

Additional file 3: Figure S3. miR128 over-expression reduces Dcx protein in N2 cells. Western blot showing the Dcx (arrow) and Actin (loading control) protein levels in (from far right to left): mock (control transfection without miRNA-128-RFP expressing plasmid), miRNA-128 (cells treated with miRNA-128-RFP expressing plasmid), shRNA–Dcx (cells treated with shRNA targeting Dcx) and shRNA-Ctr (cells treated with control shRNA). The band corresponding to Dcx is reduced in both shRNA–Dcx and miR-128 samples. Dcx KD = Dcx knockdown; miR-128 OE = mirR-128 over-expression; MW = Molecular weight marker.