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MOESM3 of Hybridization and adaptive evolution of diverse Saccharomyces species for cellulosic biofuel production

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posted on 27.03.2017, 05:00 by David Peris, Ryan Moriarty, William Alexander, EmilyClare Baker, Kayla Sylvester, Maria Sardi, Quinn Langdon, Diego Libkind, Qi-Ming Wang, Feng-Yan Bai, Jean-Baptiste Leducq, Guillaume Charron, Christian Landry, José Sampaio, Paula Gonçalves, Katie Hyma, Justin Fay, Trey Sato, Chris Hittinger
Additional file 3. Maximum growth rate heatmap of two ancestral and two evolved synthetic hybrids and the GLBRCY73 strain. A) The average values (n = 2) of maximum growth rate (µ, defined as (ln(OD2)-ln(OD1))/(T2-T1)) in different media conditions at 30 °C are shown. Heat colors from yellow (low growth rate) to blue (high growth rate) are scaled according to left bar. Media conditions are clustered by Euclidean distance. Sc: S. cerevisiae, Sm: S. mikatae, Sk: S. kudriavzevii.


DOE Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center