MOESM3 of Functional analysis of monoclonal antibodies against the Plasmodium falciparum PfEMP1-VarO adhesin

Additional file 3: Table S2. Titration curves of individual mAbs on a panel of recombinant mutants of the eDBL1-s or eDBL1-s-wt adhesion domains. The list of mutants analysed and their characteristics are given in the Table included. The ELISAs for D15-50 (A) E20-76 (B), BD20E4 (C) and BDEE10 (D) are each split into four panels for clarity. Recombinant proteins were produced as described [20, 28] and used to coat ELISA plates as described in section “Methods”. Pure monoclonal IgG were used for the ELISAs.