MOESM3 of Expression of immunogenic structural proteins of cyprinid herpesvirus 3 in vitro assessed using immunofluorescence

Additional file 3. Transformation of confocal microscopy fluorescence for image analysis in CyHV-3 infected KF-1 and CCB cells screened with MAbs 10A9 and 20F10. (A) Example for CyHV-3 infected CCB cells after 3 and 7 dpi screened with MAb 20F10. The parameter converted for image analysis is indicated above each column. Top row = confocal micrographs, bottom row = image utilised for image analysis subsequent to transformation (B) Images of quantification parameters utilised by the image analysis macro. The parameter measured for image analysis is above the micrographs and above this is the cell line used. Time post infection is indicated on the right of each row as well as the MAb used for screening. MAb 10A9 = Envelope glycoprotein MAb; MAb 20F10 = Capsid-associated MAb; ISA MAb = Irrelevant MAb detecting infectious salmon anaemia virus; PBS = phosphate buffered saline.