MOESM3 of Detecting N-myristoylation and S-acylation of host and pathogen proteins in plants using click chemistry

Additional file 3: Figure S3. Protein capture by means of myristoylation provides a potential method for the enrichment and investigation of the plant myristoylome. (A) Modified experimental scheme to capture and enrich myristoylated proteins using AvrPto as a test protein. (B) Nicotiana benthamiana was used to transiently express HA epitope-tagged avrPto. 50 μM Alk12 was infiltrated twice, 24 h after Agrobacterium infiltration and 6 h before sampling. Tissue was collected 48 h after transformation, total protein extracted, and a biotin tag added using click chemistry. Streptavidin affinity purification was used to enrich biotinylated proteins and AvrPto was detected using anti-HA western blotting. Input shows AvrPto levels before affinity purification.