MOESM3 of Depletion of DNMT1 in differentiated human cells highlights key classes of sensitive genes and an interplay with polycomb repression

Additional file 3: Figure S2. Changes in methylation levels by genomic element. (A) Protein levels in knockdown lines by western blotting. As a control HCT116 colon cancer cells which are WT or have a homozygous mutation in DNMT1 (KO) are shown: the DNMT1-specific top band is indicated by the arrowhead at right. (B) Median levels of methylation are shown for each genomic element (listed at top). The positions of medians are also indicated at right (arrowheads). The differences between WT and KD medians were used to plot Fig. 1d. (C) Density distribution of methylation at the three main elements involved in gene regulation, shown by cell line. Demethylation seems most marked at gene bodies (Genes), indicated by increased density of probes at low methylation (β) values.