MOESM3 of CIB1 depletion with docetaxel or TRAIL enhances triple-negative breast cancer cell death

Additional file 3: Figure S2. CIB1 depletion plus docetaxel or TRAIL activates Bid and disrupts mitochondrial membrane potential. Mitochondrial apoptosis was further investigated by probing for a pro-apoptotic Bcl-2 related protein, Bid, and analyzing mitochondrial membrane potential by staining with JC-1. Control or CIB1-depleted MDA-436 cells were treated with docetaxel/TRAIL, followed by immunoblotting and JC-1 staining. Lysates from combination treatments involving a) docetaxel (n=2) and b) TRAIL (n=2) were probed for Bid and GAPDH (loading control using. c) Quantification of JC-1 aggregates (red) versus monomers (green) was used a surrogate for mitochondrial membrane potential. Data are represented in means +/- SD (n=3). p-value * <0.05; ** <0.01 compared to untreated control, two tailed t-test.