MOESM3 of Anopheles aquasalis transcriptome reveals autophagic responses to Plasmodium vivax midgut invasion

Additional file 3: Figure S1. Validation of RNAseq analysis using qRT-PCR. Gene expression values for eight genes obtained by RNAseq were plotted against the corresponding averages of three qRT-PCR-derived gene expression values from biological replicates. The Pearsonʼs correlation coefficient (0.874) and the best-fit linear-regression analysis R2 = 0.7663 demonstrated a good degree of correlation between gene expression determined by each assay. Genes used for validation: TRINITY_DN4493_c0_g1_i2, TRINITY_DN5277_c0_g1_i2, TRINITY_DN5911_c0_g1_i4, TRINITY_DN6055_c0_g1_i13, TRINITY_DN6039_c0_g1_i17, TRINITY_DN6296_c2_g1_i5, TRINITY_DN6531_c1_g1_i4, TRINITY_DN6536_c2_g8_i1.