MOESM2 of Variation in species assemblages due to micro-topography and flow regime govern vegetation carbon stock in seasonal floodplain wetlands

Additional file 2: Figure S1. Flood-phase wise variations in species richness (a), Shannon-Wiener diversity index (b), Simpson dominance index (c), Buzas and Gibson’s evenness index (d), and Taxonomic distinctness (e) of the wetland vegetation; Figure S2. Flood phase wise dominance–diversity curve of wetland vegetation in different sampling stations; a- Early flood phase, b- Mid-flood phase, c- Late flood phase; Station 1- inlet point 1; Station 2- middle point 1; Station 3- inlet point 2; Station 4- middle point 2 and Station 5- outlet point; Figure S3. Flood-phase wise variations in micro-topography and water flow regime of the wetland; depth (a), width (b), cross-sectional area (c), water velocity (d), and water discharge (e); Figure S4. Flood-phase wise variations in carbon stock in wetland vegetation