MOESM2 of The effect of coumaryl alcohol incorporation on the structure and composition of lignin dehydrogenation polymers

Additional file 2: Figure S2. Solid-state CP/MAS NMR spectra: a) S:G:H (50:50:0), b) S:G:H (47.5:47.5:5), c) S:G:H (45:45:10), d) S:G:H (40:40:20). Subtraction spectra: e) G:H (100:0), f) S:G:H (47.5:47.5:5)–S:G:H (50:50:0), g) S:G:H (45:45:10)–S:G:H (50:50:0), and h) S:G:H (40:40:20)–S:G:H (50:50:0). Spectra are all scaled to the same intensity. Subtraction spectra are between 14 and 22% of the intensity of the S:G:H (50:50:0) spectrum.