MOESM2 of Targeting the orphan nuclear receptor NR2F6 in T cells primes tumors for immune checkpoint therapy

Additional file 1: Figure S1 Characterization of Cas9 transgenic mice. (A) FACS analysis of GFP expression in CD4+ T cells, CD19+ B cells, Gr1+ granulocytes, and CD11b+ monocytes derived from the Cas9 transgenic mouse on a B6 background [33]. Cells were isolated from LN (first column), spleen (middle) or thymus/BM (third column). Cells from wildtype C57Bl/6 mice (grey) and Cas9 transgenic mice (pink) are shown in the same FACS plots. (B) Western blot analysis of lysates prepared from isolated CD3+ T cells of wildtype or Cas9 transgenic mice using a Flag antibody. (C) Representative histogram of GFP expression in wildtype, single transgenic Cas9, or double transgenic Cas9 mice.