MOESM2 of Parallel substrate supply and pH stabilization for optimal screening of E. coli with the membrane-based fed-batch shake flask

Additional file 2. Depiction of glucose amounts in the reservoir over the cultivation time. Cultivation conditions: Wilms-MOPS-mineral medium (culture medium: 200 mM MOPS with 7 g/L initial ammonium sulfate, initial reservoir glucose concentrations: 250/375/500/750 g/L, blue dextran concentration: 1 g/L, temperature: 37 °C, shaking frequency: 350 rpm, shaking diameter: 50 mm, initial culture medium volume: 10 mL, inoculation OD600: 0.5, reservoir filling volume: 2 mL, dialysis membrane: Reichelt 10-20 kDa, membrane area: 18.1 mm2; Strain: E. coli BL21 (DE3) pRhotHi-2-EcFbFP.