MOESM2 of Mutations that prevent or mimic persistent post-translational modifications of the histone H3 globular domain cause lethality and growth defects in Drosophila

Additional file 2: Figure S2. H3S10p expression is not changed within cells that have mutations which prevent/mimic globular domain histone H3 modifications. A-N) Wing imaginal discs with GFP negative mutant clones generated using Ubx-FLP. Merged images show the nuclear marker DAPI in blue, H3S10p in magenta, and GFP+ and GFP- regions demarcate histone wild type cells and histone mutant cells, respectively. Grayscale images are the individual H3S10p channels. Within each mutant, we looked at GFP- clones within the zone of non-proliferation of the wing disc (see Sup. Fig. 4B) to determine if there was a consistent increase of H3S10p incorporation, which might indicate an increase of mitotic cells. Conversely, we looked at GFP- clones outside of the zone of non-proliferation to determine if there was a consistent decrease of H3S10p incorporation compared to their neighboring GFP+ control cells.