MOESM2 of MYC deregulates TET1 and TET2 expression to control global DNA (hydroxy)methylation and gene expression to maintain a neoplastic phenotype in T-ALL

Additional file 2: Fig. S2. TET1 knockdown reduces cell proliferation of mouse T-ALL cell lines. Mouse T-ALL cells (EµSRα-tTAα;tet-o-MYC) were compared before (SCR) and upon TET1 KD (TET1sh). RT-qPCR analysis of a MYC and TET1, b TET2 and TET3. RT-qPCR data were normalized to UBC. c Growth curve comparing viable cell counts. d Flow cytometric cell cycle analysis based on propidium iodide (PI) staining. The cell cycle distribution (G1, S, and G2/M) is displayed in percent. Error bars represent mean ± SEM; n = 3; two-tailed Student’s t test: *P < 0.05; **P < 0.01; ***P < 0.001.