MOESM2 of Hybridization and adaptive evolution of diverse Saccharomyces species for cellulosic biofuel production

Additional file 2. Initial fermentation screen to select the most-promising Saccharomyces strains. An exploratory, single replicate fermentation was conducted, and the extracellular metabolite concentrations of selected wild Saccharomyces and synthetic hybrids, ethanol yields based on sugar consumed, and percentages of glucose and xylose at the end of the 14 days ACSH fermentation at 24 °C are given. Strain names in green were selected for the next round of triplicate fermentations in four different media conditions at 24 °C. 1: selected engineered strain, 2: selected based on kinetics, 3: selected based on fermentative traits. Green, red, and gray row background colors indicate the best growing strains, the slowest growing strains, and the synthetic hybrids, respectively. Glu: glucose; Xyl: xylose; EtOH: ethanol; Gly: glycerol; Xli: xylitol; Ace: acetate; Cons: consumed.