MOESM2 of High-level accumulation of oleyl oleate in plant seed oil by abundant supply of oleic acid substrates to efficient wax ester synthesis enzymes

Additional file 2: Table S1. Raw data obtained by GC-FID to quantify the wax ester content in seeds of transgenic Arabidopsis transformed with MaFAR/ScWS, ScWS-MaFAR, ScWS-MaFAR/ScWS-MaFAR, ScWS-MaFAR/MaFAR, MaFAR/AbWSD1, MaFAR/PCOAbWSD1, MaFAR/TMMmAWAT2-AbWSD1 and MaFAR/MaWS2 shown in Figs. 1 and 3.