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MOESM2 of Growth and lipid accumulation by different nutrients in the microalga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

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posted on 13.02.2018 by Lei Yang, Jun Chen, Shan Qin, Min Zeng, Yongguang Jiang, Lang Hu, Peng Xiao, Wenlong Hao, Zhangli Hu, Anping Lei, Jiangxin Wang
Additional file 2: Table S2. Annotated and classified metabolites detected in C. reinhardtii with different sodium acetate concentrations, as 1 g/L of sodium acetate (T-N-P+1Ac), or 2 g/L of (T-N-P+2Ac), or 4 g/L sodium acetate (T-N-P+4Ac).