MOESM2 of Fine-tuning of chromatin composition and Polycomb recruitment by two Mi2 homologues during C. elegans early embryonic development

Additional file 2. RNA-Seq deregulated genes. Processed lists of deregulated genes in the indicated genotypes versus control are displayed below. A threshold of 1.5 log2 fold change and a p value <10 % were applied. let-418: wild-type; let-418(RNAi)-treated embryos; chd-3: chd-3(eh4); controlGFP(RNAi)-treated embryos; chd-3_let-418: chd-3(eh4); let-418(RNAi)-treated embryos. All fold changes are calculated versus wild-type; control(RNAi)-treated embryos. _1 h and _3 h correspond to the 24- and 100-cell stages, respectively.