MOESM2 of Characterization of the non-glandular gastric region microbiota in Helicobacter suis-infected versus non-infected pigs identifies a potential role for Fusobacterium gastrosuis in gastric ulceration

Additional file 2. Gating strategy of the MKN-7 cell line. (A) FSC-A/SSC-A represents the distribution of cells in the light scatter based on their size and intracellular complexity, respectively. The cells of interest are gated excluding debris. (B) FSC-A/FSC-H allows discrimination between single cells and doublets, single cells are gated. (C) Gain settings and compensation matrix. (D-E) FITC-A/PE-A identifies the selective subpopulations: viable (Annexin-V-FITC negative, PI negative), early apoptotic (Annexin-V-FITC positive, PI negative) and late apoptotic/necrotic (Annexin-V-FITC positive, PI positive) cells.