MOESM2 of Blocking ERK1/2 signaling impairs TGF-β1 tumor promoting function but enhances its tumor suppressing role in intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma cells

Additional file 2. Effects of U0126 on h-TGF-β1-induced HuCCA-1 cell invasion. Cells (105) pre-treated with 5 ng/mL h-TGF-β1 and/or 1 µM U0126 in 0.1% FBS media for 24 h were plated onto in vitro invasion Transwell chamber and allowed to invade for 12 h. Invasion ability are presented as mean ± SEM of percent change in numbers of invaded cells compared to h-TGF-β-treated condition obtained from three independent experiments. *P value < 0.05, **P value < 0.001.