MOESM2 of Analyses of inter-individual variations of sperm DNA methylation and their potential implications in cattle

Additional file 2: Table S1. Identified methylation haplotype blocks (MHBs) in sperm DNA methylation. Table S2. Identified highly variable methylated regions (HVMRs), hypomethylated conserved regions (Hypo CMRs) and hypermethylated conserved regions (Hyper CMRs). Table S3. Significant VMRs associated with bovine complex traits and the most significant meQTL within 1 Mb of these VMRs. Some meQTL were within the reproduction-related QTLs ( Table S4. Sperm sample description. Table S5. Statistics summary of predicted transmitting ability (PTA) values and the accuracy for Bovine complex traits in association studies with VMRs.