MOESM2 of Alterations of voluntary behavior in the course of disease progress and pharmacotherapy in mice with collagen-induced arthritis

Additional file 2: Figure S2. Representative examples of the time course of number of rotations and arthritis scores in each group. Color scale plots: abscissa, time of day (24-h system; 7 am to 7 pm, light phase; 7 pm to 7 am, dark phase); ordinate, day after first injection. Color code for number of rotations is shown on the right. The white color represents the period during which recording was stopped for assessment of arthritis and replacement of cages. RF, LF, RH, and LH indicate the arthritis score for the right forepaw, left forepaw, right hind paw, and left hind paw, respectively. The arthritis scale score (0–3) is shown at the right. The histograms below each plot represent the time course of number of rotations on day 23 (pale color) and day 34 (dark color). Centroid time is shown with arrowheads (day 23, pale color; day 34, dark color). CFA, complete Freund’s adjuvant; CIA, collagen-induced arthritis.