MOESM2 of A metabarcoding framework for facilitated survey of endolithic phototrophs with tufA

Additional file 2: Table S2. Barcoded Florideophyceae, Phaeophyceae and miscellaneous taxa. Collection information for specimens of the Florideophyceae and Phaeophyceae sequenced for tufA in the present study (as well as a miscellaneous Prasinophyceae). Polyphyletic orders or family and combined orders are indicated in between quotes. All specimens from shallow waters (0–10 m) otherwise indicated in footnotes. Collector (Coll.) initials as follows: CP = C. Pueschel, CS = C. Stoude, DG = D. Gabriel, DK = D. Krayesky, DWF = D.W. Freshwater, EC = E. Coppejans, ED = E. Deslandes, JC = J. Cabioch, JH = J. Hughey, JR = J. Richards, JRu = J. Rueness, JZ = J. Zertuche, MG = M. Guiry, MHH = M. H. Hommersand, MJW = M. J. Wynne, MY = M. Yoshizaki, OC = O. Camacho, SF = S. Fredericq.