MOESM2 of A high-throughput screening identifies histone deacetylase inhibitors as therapeutic agents against medulloblastoma

Additional file 2: Figure S1. Compound activity and plate Z′-factor for the primary screening. (A) Compound activity distribution. Blue dots (Inhibitor Control): positive control group (10 μM staurosporine, 100% inhibition); black dots (Neutral Control): negative control group (DMSO group, 0% inhibition); yellow dots (Hit Compound): primary hits (hit compound) (125 compounds that displayed ≥ 90% inhibition chosen for a dose-response analysis); grey dots (Compound): compounds not chosen for further confirmation (% inhibition < 90%). Y-axis: % Activity is assessed as the percentage of viability inhibited. The activity from 12,800 library compounds and control compounds in each plate were shown. (B) Z′-factor calculated for each plate. (C) The dose response curves for cell viability of Daoy cells. Ten concentrations, 1:3 serially diluted ranging from 50 to 0.0025 μM, were used in triplicate.