MOESM1 of Viral antigens detectable in CSF exosomes from patients with retrovirus associated neurologic disease: functional role of exosomes

Additional file 1: Figure S1. Characterization of Nanotrapped (NT80 + 82) exosomes by Nanosight. Tissue culture supernatants from HTLV-1 infected cells prior to nanotrapping (Pre-NT) and after nanotrapping (+NT) were analyzed for size and concentration by Nanosight. Nanotrapped exosomes (+NT) were resuspended in 300 μL for imaging. NT80 + 82 particles alone (NT Alone) were also analyzed. Pre-nanotrapped (Pre-NT) and post-nanotrapped (post NT) vesicle distributions were likewise analyzed according to size and shown in the right panel inset.