MOESM1 of Two unexpected promiscuous activities of the iron–sulfur protein IspH in production of isoprene and isoamylene

2016-05-11T05:00:00Z (GMT) by Deyong Ge Yanfen Xue Yanhe Ma
Additional file 1. This file consists of five supplemental figures and three supplemental tables. Figure S1 and Figure S2 present additional information on identification of 3-methyl-1-butene, 2-methyl-2-butene and isoprene. Table S1 presents isoamylene and isoprene production in various conditions. Figure S3 presents Michaelis–Menten plots of the activity of recombinant IspH toward DMAPP. Figure S4 shows isoamylene production by recombinant strains expressing IspH variants. Figure S5 presents GC profile of 3-methyl-1-butene and 2-methyl-2-butene produced. Table S2 and Table S3 list strains, plasmids and primers used in this study.