MOESM1 of Toxicity and neurotoxicity profiling of contaminated sediments from Gulf of Bothnia (Sweden): a multi-endpoint assay with Zebrafish embryos

Additional file 1: S1. Sediments extraction and clean-up. S2. GC-HRMS and LC-HRMS methods. S3. Trace Finder parameters. S4. Method detection limits. S5. Trace elements analyses. Table S1. Sediments characteristics and sampling spot information. Table S2. GC oven program. Table S3. Injection details for pulsed split less injection for GC-analysis. Table S4. Parameters of the GC-QExactive HRMS method. Table S5. LC gradient program. Table S6. Settings of the Trace Finder software. Table S9. Chemicals and Equipment. Figure S1. Sampling spot map. Figure S2. Acetylcholisterase inhibition in Danio rerio embryos exposed to sediments of Gulf of Bothnia. Figure S3. Zebrafish embryos after 96 hpf exposed to sediments of Kramfors and Örnsköldsvik.