MOESM1 of Tobacco plants expressing the maize nitrate transporter ZmNrt2.1 exhibit altered responses of growth and gene expression to nitrate and calcium

Additional file 1: Table S1. Sequences of primers used in this study. Table S2. Medium composition. Table S3. Comparison of codon usage. Figure S1. Structure of the vector p35S-ZmNrt used for tobacco transformation. Figure S2. Comparison of the amino acid sequences of the maize high-affinity nitrate transporter ZmNrt2.1 and the tobacco high-affinity nitrate transporter NtNrt2.1. Figure S3. PCR analysis of genomic DNA extracted from leaves of wild type and putative transgenic tobacco plants. Figure S4. RT-PCR screening for transgenic plants. Figure S5. Gene expression analysis. Figure S6. Soluble nitrate contents in plant shoots and roots. Figure S7. Representative photographs of plant growth with various levels of nitrate, Ca2+ and K+. Figure S8. NtNAR gene expression analysis.