MOESM1 of Three-dimensional assessment of coronary high-intensity plaques with T1-weighted cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging to predict periprocedural myocardial injury after elective percutaneous coronary intervention

Additional file 1: Supplemental Methods, Tables, and Figures. Table S1. Lesion Characteristics on Coronary CTA. Table S2. Receiver Operating Characteristic Analysis Demonstrating the Prediction of pMI using 3Di-PMR and Coronary CTA Variables. Table S3. Lesion Characteristics Categorized by 2D-PMR and 3Di-PMR Cutoffs. Figure S1. Step 1 algorithm for 3-dimensional assessment of coronary plaque (3D Region-growing technique). Figure S2-a. Step 2 algorithm. b. vessel diameter and plaque segmentation. Figure S3. Step 3 algorithm. Figure S4. Troponin T levels before and after PCI in (A) patients without pMI and (B) those with pMI. (C) Relationship between 2D-PMR and 3Di-PMR on T1w imaging. (D, E) Incidence of pMI (A) and slow flow by 3Di-PMR cutoff value.