MOESM1 of The role of inorganic nitrogen in successful formation of granular biofilms for wastewater treatment that support cyanobacteria and bacteria

Additional file 1. The supporting information is available. It contains additional details regarding the trends of data described in the text. The Supporting information contains figures that include: Primer information (Table S1), Phosphate (Figure S1), soluble COD (Figure S2), Suspended Solids (TSS/VSS) (Figure S3) trends referenced in this manuscript. Additionally, data supporting the microbial ecology and gene abundance is presented as a heat map of the top 20 OTUs for the successful and unsuccessful communities at the genus level for times 0 days and 42 days (Figure S4), the absolute gene copy numbers for CYAN, amoA, and narG (Figure S5), and the log2 fold change of the target genes CYAN, amoA, and narG using 16S rDNA as a reference for the successful community and compared to the unsuccessful community for each time point (Figure S6).