MOESM1 of The analysis of risk factors for diabetic nephropathy progression and the construction of a prognostic database for chronic kidney diseases

Additional file 1: Table S1. Key words for search of prognosis literature on DN in Pubmed. Table S2. Key words for search of prognosis literature on IgAN, IMN, pFSGS and LN in Pubmed. Figure S1. The workflow for data processing. Figure S2. Prognostic markers in DN subtypes. Figure S3. Specimen sources of DN prognostic markers. Figure S4. Prognostic genes and proteins of DN (Risk genes and proteins for DN progression). Figure S5. GO enrichment analysis of DN prognostic genes and proteins corresponding to different end point events. Figure S6. The distribution of DN prognostic molecules in the enriched KEGG pathways. Figure S7. Role and regulatory relationship of DN prognostic molecules based on animal/cell culture models. Figure S8. High-risk genes for DN development and progression. Figure S9. Interactions between DN prognostic microRNAs and proteins, genes.