MOESM1 of Sexually dimorphic gene expression in the lateral eyes of Euphilomedes carcharodonta (Ostracoda, Pancrustacea)

Additional file 1 : Staging and sexing of E. carcharodonta. We sexed animals under a dissecting microscope by examining the morphology of the endopodite of the second antenna [1]. A (female, stage IV) and C (male, stage IV) show the position of the endopodite on the second antenna, with respect to the exopodite and protopodite. Female endopodites are pointed at the distal tip (B) while male endopodites (D) are rounded at the distal tip. In cases where there was ambiguity, we examined the second antenna under a compound scope. We staged the animals by examining the morphology of their furca [1]. We counted the proximal primary and secondary claws (E–G) to find the instar stage of the animal—adults have 6 proximal claws (E), instar Vs have 5 proximal claws (F), instar IVs have 4 (G).