MOESM1 of Sequential trafficking of Env and Gag to HIV-1 T cell virological synapses revealed by live imaging

Additional file 1: Fig. S1. Env-isfGFP-ΔV1V2 expression in 293T cells. Fig. S2. Env-ΔV1V2-isfGFP complemented with wild type Env HIV-1 constructs: surface stain of Env with CD4 binding site antibody b12 (A) or anti-GFP (B). Fig. S3. Examples of sequential Env and Gag accumulation during VS formation. Table S1. Summary of contact-induced accumulation of Env at sites of cell-cell contact. Cell counts and interactions enumerated in five fields of view during Env-isfGFP-ΔV1V2 overnight expression in Jurkat cells. Continuous imaging performed over 32 h was acquired at 10-min intervals. Table S2. Cell counts and interactions enumerated in four fields of view during cell-to-cell HIV infection. Gag-iCherry and Env-ΔV1V2-isfGFP co-transfected Jurkat cells were mixed with primary CD4 target cells 24 h post nucleofection. Continuous imaging over 3 h acquired at 3-min intervals.