MOESM1 of Remodeling of nuclear landscapes during human myelopoietic cell differentiation maintains co-aligned active and inactive nuclear compartments

Additional file 1. Exit points of IC channels at the nuclear surface in myelopoietic cell nuclei. Exit points of IC channels connected to nuclear pores were previously shown to appear as little holes in the nuclear envelope [5,7,23,24]. 3D reconstructions using Amira software (compare Fig. 2B) of whole 3D-SIM 3D acquisitions of DAPI stained nuclei from progenitors, precursors, monocytes and granulocytes were used for a quantitation of such exit points. Upper graph: Number per nucleus; lower graph: average nuclear surface area harboring one exit point. Number of exit points is significantly decreased in monocytes and granulocytes compared to their respective precursors (p < 0.001). Displaying the results as nuclear surface area harboring one channel exit demonstrates the profound difference between granulocytes and the other four cell types (p ≤ 0.001). n = number of analyzed nuclei; error bars = standard deviation.