MOESM1 of Quantitative analysis of the growth of individual Bacillus coagulans cells by microdroplet technology

Additional file 1: Fig. S1. The method of pixels counting. (A) Original photo of the droplets. (B) Adjusted image by adjusting the “threshold” and the pixels were automatically counted. Fig. S2. The growth curve of Bacillus coagulans in shake flask without (black) and with pHrodo (red). The data were obtained from three parallel experiments for each. Fig. S3. Lactic acid assay in microdroplets. (A) Fluorescence imaging of microdroplets containing broth with a range of lactic acid, 8 g/L (I), 11 g/L (II), 12 g/L (III), 14 g/L (IV). (B) The corresponding average gray value derive from the fluorescence intensity of the microdroplets in the images of Fig. S1 A.