MOESM1 of Prompt penetration electric fields and the extreme topside ionospheric response to the June 22–23, 2015 geomagnetic storm as seen by the Swarm constellation

Additional file 1: Figure S1. The maximum height of the ionospheric F2 layer (HmF2) as measured by COSMIC/F3 mission during the June 22–23, 2015 geomagnetic storm (shown by colored circles). The date and the time period of observations are indicated on the top of each panel. Thin gray circles in each panel show trajectories of SWA satellite during the 2 h of observations, and triangles correspond to the trajectories of SWB. The results show that HmF2 did not exceed 440–450 km, which confirms that the Swarm constellation satellites flew in the topside ionospheric region.