MOESM1 of Preparation and applications of guard cell protoplasts from the leaf epidermis of Solanum lycopersicum

Additional file 1. Fig. S1. Seven fully expanded leaves of the hydroponic plants (older plants) selected for GCPs isolation. Fig. S2. Experiments designed to optimize osmolality conditions for isolation. Fig. S3. The digestion of the epidermal peels by Method L with substrate-cultured plants. Fig. S4. The status of GCPs after 1 h of digestion in enzyme solution 1 with the shaking speed set to 150 rpm. Fig. S5. Assessment of purification and viability of GCPs via method L with hydroponic plants. Fig. S6. MCPs preparation before (a) and after (b) purification. Fig. S7. Phylogenetic tree of CA genes in different plants. Table S1. Primers used in the Real-time RT-PCR analyses performed in this study.