MOESM1 of Patterns and drivers of species richness and turnover of neo-endemic and palaeo-endemic vascular plants in a Mediterranean hotspot: the case of Crete, Greece

Additional file 1. Figure S1 (i) the generated timed phylogeny analysis of the vascular plants of Crete used in our study, Figures S2–S6 (ii) the species richness patterns and their drivers of non-endemic, neo-endemic and palaeo-endemic species, and Figures S7–S14 (iii) the I-splines of abiotic (predictors: bioclimatic variables, human population density and the percentage of human land uses) and biotic II (predictors: predictors of abiotic model and neo-endemic zeta diversity as predictor of palaeo-endemic zeta diversity and vice versa) Multi-Site Generalized Dissimilarity Models showing the contribution of different predictors to explaining zeta diversity of different species categories