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MOESM1 of N6-methyladenosine induced miR-143-3p promotes the brain metastasis of lung cancer via regulation of VASH1

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posted on 11.12.2019, 10:43 by Hongsheng Wang, Qianqian Deng, Ziyan Lv, Yuyi Ling, Xue Hou, Zhuojia Chen, Xiaoxiao Dinglin, Shuxiang Ma, Delan Li, Yingmin Wu, Yanxi Peng, Hongbing Huang, Likun Chen
Additional file 1: Figure S1. miR-143-3p is correlated with the BM and progression of lung cancer. Figure S2. The effects of miRNAs on the malignancy of lung cancer cells. Figure S3. VASH1 mediates miR143 induced cell dissemination and angiogenesis. Figure S4. VASH1 mediates miR-143-3p induced angiogenesis via destabilization of VEGFA. Figure S5. VASH1 mediates miR-143-3p induced reprogramming of microtubules. Figure S6. m6A regulates the expression of miR-143-3p in lung cancer cells. Figure S7. The miR-143-3p/VASH axis and in vivo BM of lung cancer. Table S1. Clinical characteristics of 6 lung cancer patients with BM. Table S2. Clinical characteristics of lung cancer patients with or without BM. Table S3. The potential targets of miR-143-3p predicted by five different web-based databases.


National Natural Science Foundation of China