MOESM1 of Mass campaigns combining antimalarial drugs and anti-infective vaccines as seasonal interventions for malaria control, elimination and prevention of resurgence: a modelling study

Additional file 1: Table S1. Overview of the input parameter values for the simulations and the direct outputs measured. Table S2. Overview of the main and supplementary simulated strategies. Figure S1. Single simulation examples of estimated continuous all age prevalence following different intervention. Figure S2. Median and range of estimated yearly average all age prevalence following different intervention strategies. Figure S3. Relative impact of combined strategies for different coverage levels of each intervention. Figure S4. Relative maximum prevalence reached depending on intervention coverage. Figure S5. Impact of mass vaccination compared to MDA with same coverage levels comparing strategies 3 and 4 with strategy 1 and 2. Table S3. Risk of resurgence [%] for different deployment strategies. Table S4. Risk of resurgence [%] for different deployment strategies, with reduced coverage of mass vaccination. Table S5. Predicted risk of resurgence [%] for different strategies at low prevalence levels (PfPR2–10 1 to 5%) for different levels of case management and intervention coverage. Figure S6. Interruption of transmission for different strategies with lower case management. Figure S7. Interruption of transmission and synergism for different combined strategies with simultaneous MDA and mass vaccination interventions delivered to the same proportion of the population given coverage. Figure S8. Interruption of transmission for mass vaccination and combined strategies with lower vaccine efficacy. Figure S9. Synergy coefficient between mass vaccination and mass drug administration in the probability to interrupt transmission. Table S6. Estimated resurgence parameters for 2 years deployment of MDA, mass vaccination, or combination of both MDA and mass vaccination, including 2 rates of imported infections. Figure S10. Relationship between entomological inoculation rate, EIR, and effective access to care, E14, with PfPR2–10 and prevalence in all population.