MOESM1 of In situ label-free imaging of hemicellulose in plant cell walls using stimulated Raman scattering microscopy

Additional file 1: Figure S1. Basic chemical units of cellulose and xylan, and the two most common ordered cellulose structures. Table S1. Chemical compositional analysis of sugar content in the supernatant from the xylanase digested deacetylated corn stover cell wall. Table S2. Extent of sugars hydrolyzed from xylanase digestion of deacetylated corn stover. Table S3. Chemical compositional analysis of the supernatants from organosolv pretreated corn stover (compound per biomass). Table S4. Percentage of xylose and lignin dissolved from organosolv pretreated corn stover. Figure S2. SRS images of lignin, cellulose and xylan distribution in deacetylated and disc refined corn stover fragments before and after cell wall xylan removal by xylanases. ESI References.