MOESM1 of Improved electrical performance of a sol–gel IGZO transistor with high-k Al2O3 gate dielectric achieved by post annealing

Additional file 1: Figure S1. FIB SEM image of the IGZO-based FET device. Figure S2. AFM images of Al2O3 surface (a) before and (b) after post annealing. AFM images of IGZO surface (c) before and (d) after post annealing. Figure S3. (a) Transfer characteristics of IGZO transistor devices with different post annealing temperature (50 ~ 300 °C). Comparison of electrical parameters such as (b) Ion/Ioff, ratio, (c) ΔVth, and (d) mobility for devices treated with different post annealing temperature. Figure S4. Comparison of the transfer curves of the IGZO-based FET devices with different Al2O3 dielectric layer thickness (a) before and (b) after post annealing. Figure S5. Comparison of transfer curves during 5000 cycling test for (a) no annealing and (b) annealing device. Table S1. Comparison of electrical parameters between the IGZO transistor devices without post-annealing and the devices with post-annealing. Table S2. Comparison of processing techniques studied for performance improvement of IGZO/Al2O3 transistor devices.