MOESM1 of Important modifications by sugammadex, a modified γ-cyclodextrin, of ion currents in differentiated NSC-34 neuronal cells

Additional file 1. Lack of effect of neostigmine on I K(DR) recorded from differentiated NSC-34 neuronal cells. In these experiments, cells were bathed in Ca2+-free Tyrode’s solution containing 1 μM tetrodotoxin and 0.5 mM CdCl2, and the recording pipette was filled with K+-containing solution. (A) Original current trace obtained in the absence (blue) and presence (red) of 1 μM neostigmine. Inset indicates the voltage protocol used. (B) Bar graph showing no significant effect of neostigmine (1 μM) on I K(DR) amplitude measured at the end of depolarizing pulses (mean ± SEM; n = 8 for each bar; P > 0.05).