MOESM1 of High-level accumulation of oleyl oleate in plant seed oil by abundant supply of oleic acid substrates to efficient wax ester synthesis enzymes

Additional file 1: Figure S1. Accumulation of neutral lipids in S. cerevisiae. a Cells were transformed with empty vector, MaFAR, ScWS, ScWS-MaFAR fusion protein, MaFAR/ScWS co-expression. b Cells were transformed with empty vector, MmAWAT2, PCOAbWSD1 and TMMmAWAT2-AbWSD1. The host strain with empty vector was used as a negative control. + yeast cells were supplied with fatty alcohol (18:1-OH). − yeast cells were not supplied with fatty alcohol. Yeast were cultivated for 3 days, before the total lipids were extracted from cells corresponding to 50 OD600 units. Lipid extractions were analyzed by TLC. Bands of wax ester (WE), triacylglycerol (TAG), free fatty acid (FA) and fatty alcohol (FA-OH) are indicated. Data is representative for two experiments yielding the same results.